Location served

National headquarters
2020 4 St SW #410,
Calgary, AB T2S 1W3

Our logistics business model is designed to deliver high-quality delivery and fulfillment services at a competitive price while advancing toward a zero-emission transportation future. We achieve this through our decentralized network of service partners by leveraging existing assets. In addition to supporting local small to medium-sized enterprises that drive economic growth and a real impact on our communities, it enables a low overhead cost structure that gives us a competitive pricing advantage in the marketplace without compromising quality. Our platform offers a consistent and seamless experience whether we’re working with one service partner or multiple partners across different markets in North America.

The platform offers a suite of generative AI and data analytics tools within our exclusive ecosystem, specifically designed to address the distinctive requirements of our clients in shipping and sustainability tracking.
As a service partner, you’re competitively compensated and work with a supportive team with access to resources that help you build your own company.
When you work with Ziing, we help guide you through sustainable transportation.

Contact Details

Jordan Lypchuk, Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

Kevin Heal, Director, Clean Fuels Solutions
[email protected]

Russell Watts, National Account Executive
[email protected]

Cleo Innovations Inc.


Location served: Canada, United States

National headquarters:

Cleo, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary offers a tailored turnkey charging service to simplify the electrification of commercial fleets. Cleo’s service provides complete support for the deployment of charging infrastructure, including design, selection and procurement of charging stations, installation, commissioning, equipment maintenance, and dynamic charging management through its smart platform.

Charging infrastructure deployed by Cleo.
Cleo’s mobile power unit.

With a personalized approach and unique impartial expertise, Cleo ensures the reliability and optimization of EV charging operations. Whether it’s upgrading an existing charging infrastructure or carrying out an initial deployment of charging stations, Cleo supports its clients every step of the way.

Furthermore, Cleo’s charging management platform, with its user-friendly dashboard and intelligent features, enables automated charging and adaptation to unforeseen circumstances while reducing energy costs for users.

Cleo’s smart charging management platform.

Contact Details

Lorène Delrot, Account Manager
[email protected]

Sylvain Cabanetos, Account Manager
[email protected]

From infrastructure design to dynamic day-to-day charging management, Cleo offers turnkey solutions to optimize the charging of your commercial fleet. Benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise and personalized support for a successful, sustainable transition to a greener energy form without any environmental compromise.

BC Hydro


Location served: Service areas in the province of British Columbia supplying electricity to 95 per cent of the population

National headquarters:

333 Dunsmuir St Vancouver, BC  V6B 5R3

BC Hydro introduced a fleet vehicle electrification program to help customers successfully integrate zero emission vehicles into their fleet. The program offer includes funding for an EV Ready Fleet Plan, a comprehensive roadmap for customers to transition their fleet to electric.

BC Hydro Fast Charger – South Surrey. Image: BC Hydro
BC Hydro W.A.C Bennett Dam. Image: BC Hydro

The EV Ready Fleet Plan maps out the costs and benefits, assesses the fleet vehicle inventory and electrical infrastructure, and outlines the steps required to get a customer’s facility ready for an electric fleet. The EV Ready Fleet Plan will identify the electrical infrastructure changes required to charge the electric vehicles that will be incorporated in the fleet. BC Hydro will then provide an electrical infrastructure incentive to fund up to 50% of costs to implement the electrical infrastructure upgrades outlined in the EV Ready fleet plan. BC Hydro also offers funding for temporary fleet evaluation pilot projects to help customers assess how medium and/or heavy duty EV’s can be incorporated into their fleet. This program offers custom funding for early-stage, short-duration electric fleet vehicle and charging opportunities.

With significant fuel savings and less maintenance costs, there’s a strong business case for transitioning to electric fleets. Plus, B.C.’s an advantageous environment for going electric, with reliable, clean, affordable electricity, and a relatively moderate climate that’s ideal for electric vehicle performance. In addition to the fleet electrification program offers, BC Hydro offers planning resources that include a fleet electrification guideline, electricity rates for fleet electrification, links to external funding sources, and an overview of the benefits to fleet electrification in British Columbia.

BC Hydro Ruskin Dam Photo: BC Hydro

Contact Details

Jason Scultety, Sr Key Account Manager, Fleet Electrification
[email protected]

Reid Arkinstall, Program Manager, Commercial Marketing
[email protected]

Kymm Girgulis, Sector Lead, Transportation and Municipalities, Key Account Management
[email protected]

Signature Electric

Signature Electric logo


Location served: Canada

National headquarters: 1 – 400 Esna Park Drive, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 3K2

Putting you in charge.

Whether you manage a business, a condo, or a big network of infrastructure, get the wheels turning on an easy charging solution that fits your setup, budget, and timeline.

We’ve been installing EV chargers since 2012, and are recommended advisors and installers for multiple electrical vehicle brands and charger manufacturers. Count on our team of leaders in EV to provide you with strategic planning, clear budgeting and quotation, sound advice, and fast installation.

Save yourself a ton of time researching options, our expertise and experience put you in charge effortlessly — every step of the way.

As your partners in all things EV, we apply our deep expertise and extensive experience to deliver an end-to-end strategic plan. We’ll help you investigate, plan, design, and implement the right EV charging infrastructure for your business, building, and/or network of facilities.

DCFC Fleet Charging System
DCFC Sequential Fleet Charging System. Photo: Signature Electric
Complete Installation of EV Electrical Infrastructure
Complete Installation of EV Electrical Infrastructure. Photo: Signature Electric

PHASE 1: Intake and Proposal
The first step is a complimentary phone or video call to discuss your current state — from your short and long-term needs and goals to your key project stakeholders. We will then customize a proposal for delivering your EV charging strategy, along with a clear breakdown of the budget.

PHASE 2: Data Analysis and Educational Sessions
The next step is a visit to your site, to conduct a complete assessment and an energy load evaluation (the goal is to determine your power threshold). Signature Electric will interview and survey your key stakeholders, to identify your key priorities and most optimal solutions.

Along with a detailed analysis from the site visit, we will also provide you and your stakeholders with educational sessions — to help you make the right choices and maximize the functionality and benefits of your EV charging, including:

  • Choosing fleet or public charging (or a combination)
  • Controlling traffic
  • Billing users
  • Sharing chargers
  • Monitoring usage
  • Future-proofing T
  • aking a phased approach
  • Secondary benefits (ie. engaging your community, generating new income with chargers)

PHASE 3: Strategic Direction and Planning
Signature Electric will design an end-to-end strategic plan for your EV charging infrastructure, including:

  • EV Charging Policy
  • Hardware Selection (number of chargers, installation location, Level 2 or 3 charging)
  • Software Selection Installation (obtaining and reviewing quotations, meeting potential contractors, preparing tender documents, applying for installation rebates, leasing or financing charging equipment)
  • Maintenance and Repair

PHASE 4: Evaluation and Implementation Signature
Electric is not only your partner in planning but also in cost-effective execution. We will provide you with professional expertise to ensure all of your needs are met. Signature Electric will help you implement, manage, and supervise your project.

Signature Electric provides full service in-house installation and ongoing maintenance.

Service and maintenance of Depot EV Chargers
Service and maintenance of Depot EV Chargers. Photo: Signature Electric

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts:
Mark Marmer, [email protected], 416-490-8093

Max Marmer, [email protected], 416-490-8093

Vasyl Bublyk, [email protected], 416-490-8093

PowerON Energy Solutions

PowerON Energy Solutions logo


Location served: Canada

National headquarters: Suite 2801 – 2300 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 1E4

PowerON Energy Solutions simplifies the road to successful fleet electrification.

We provide end-to-end planning, design, installation, O&M, and energy management of electric vehicle charging and associated battery backup infrastructure.

Our comprehensive approach and performance guarantees allow fleets to transfer construction and operational risk, and our dedicated electrification resources, expertise, and leading energy management software provide value to operators at every step along the path to full fleet electrification.

With PowerON in the drivers’ seat, you can focus on moving the people, goods and services that matter.

Photo: PowerON Energy Solutions

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts:
Mike Skirzynski, Fleet Electrification Advisor [email protected], 647.515.1286

Jim Pattison Lease

Jim Pattison Lease Logo


Location served: Canada

National headquarters: 4937 Regent Street, Burnaby, BC, V5C 4H4

Jim Pattison Lease offers a turnkey, consultation to transition service called the Electrification and Sustainability Program, or ESP. Our experts analyze each fleet’s unique operational requirements and sustainability goals to provide a multi-year, comprehensive vehicle leasing and electric charger placement plan to help clients reach their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) targets.

ESP Logo
Fleet Buses lined up diagonally against blue sky

Jim Pattison Lease is recognized as a leader across Canada and the U.S. in vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions. We assist our customers in finding the right make and model, upfitting requirements, decaling, and so much more to maximize each fleet’s unique needs.

With extensive analytical capabilities, our telematics solutions harness a variety of data sources such as engine diagnostics, driving behaviour, big data benchmarking, and much more to maximize productivity, reduce safety incidents, and boost fuel efficiency. View live & historical your fleet data on any screen quickly and easily using our comprehensive online reporting system.

Person touching car screen with icons connected to each other. In bottom right corner computer screens with JPL data analytics website open

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts:
Timothy Tsao, 604-433-4743 x2541, [email protected]
Jordan Chung, 604-433-4743 x3760, [email protected]
Wayne Rose, 905-283-5619, [email protected]

Jim Pattison Lease is proud to celebrate 61 years in business. Visit us today to discover why we are the best in the business. Video: Jim Pattison Lease



Location served: Canada

National headquarters: 252 Esplanade W – Suite 201, North Vancouver, BC V7M 0E9

7Gen provides customizable fleet electrification solutions that include everything needed to confidently electrify medium and heavy duty fleets. This includes EV & Charger leasing, fleet assessment and transition planning, project implementation, full-service maintenance and a tailored EV software suite to optimize operational performance of the vehicles and chargers according to the use case.

Class 6 zero emission electric box trucks delivering IKEA products
Class 6 zero emission electric box trucks delivering IKEA products. Photo: 7Gen
eTransit delivering packaged around Montreal with Courant Plus
Ford eTransit delivering packages around Montreal with Courant Plus. Photo: 7Gen

Successfully deploying EVs at scale is complex, requiring the skillful integration of many different components. 7Gen’s solutions are designed to simplify EV transitions today, while planning for the future – so that clients can focus on their core business. 7Gen works with clients to design the optimal EV transition, lease the best suited electric vehicles and chargers based on current and future operations, manage the deployment from procurement to commissioning, and help optimize EVs with 24/7 support and smart software.

7Gen’s hands-on approach and modular services ensure their client’s fleet electrification goals become reality. Fleets working with 7Gen benefit from EVs lower costs of operations, enhanced driving experience and driver retention, while reducing the operational risk and internal capacity demands of the transition. 7Gen’s mission? Accelerate the revolution towards zero-emission transportation by taking the headache out of technology selection, financing and deployment for medium and heavy duty fleet managers.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Simon Baribeau, [email protected], +1 514 702 2773

Siemens Canada



Location served: Canada

National headquarters: 1577 North Service Rd E, Oakville, ON L6H 0H6

Siemens Canada is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, the company creates technology with purpose, adding real value for customers since 1912.

SICHARGE Family Charger
SICHARGE UC Photo: Siemens Canada
VersiCharge Photo: Siemens Canada

Siemens is a leading provider of EV chargers with a diverse product portfolio that includes Level 2 chargers for homeowners, Level 3 for commercial purposes, and Medium-Heavy Duty chargers for heavy-duty vehicles. We help you electrify your fleet and achieve your zero-emission goal. 

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Lindsay Brown, [email protected]

Darren Scott, [email protected]

DHL Siemens Infographics



Location served: North America

National headquarters: 110 Lindsay Circle, Ketchum, ID 83340

DECKED Drawer System: The Drawer System provides the user with two bed length drawers that can be segmented for improved organization. The system is made from recycled high impact HDPE and American steel. The drawers are available with locks to add another layer of security beyond a locking tailgate. The drawers eliminate the need to crawl deep into the bed of your truck or van. The weight of the system varies between 90kg and 100kg depending on vehicle type. The payload of the DECKED Drawer System is 900kg. With a strength to weight ratio of 10:1 the DECKED Drawer System offers superior storage for trucks and vans.

Image shows a contractor selecting a tool from a DECKED Drawer System mounted in a pickup truck flatbed.
DECKED Drawer System Photo: DECKED
An Industry First Truck Tool Box With A Ladder
DECKED Truck Tool Box Photo: DECKED

DECKED Truck Tool Box: The DECKED Truck Tool Box is a crossbody toolbox. The Tool Box base is made out of injection molded impact treated HDPE and steel reinforced injection molded high-impact polymer resin. Available with an industry first ladder to improve accessibility, the DECKED Tool Box is designed with the user in mind. The Tool Box is made from high impact plastics to eliminate dents, dings, or rust. The Tool Box material keeps weight down in comparison to other industry toolboxes. In the antiquated industry of truck bed toolboxes, the DECKED Truck Tool Box is a modern, sleek, and efficient option for any fleet.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Delamon Rego[email protected]

DECKED CargoGlide Photo: DECKED

DECKED CargoGlide: The DECKED CargoGlide is a sliding truck bed tray that makes loading, unloading and accessing your tools and gear easy, safe and fast. The tray rolls on heavy-duty bearings actuated by a single-handed latch which allows you to smoothly slide out and retrieve your tools and materials. Built from heavy gauge, powder coated American steel and industrial grade marine plywood (coated with a thermoplastic top sheet), the CargoGlide truck bed slide can take all of the abuse of the job site and the environment. The CargoGlide can be mounted to the top of a drawer system to further increase the usage of a truck bed.

Ford Motor Company


Location served

National headquarters
Ford Pro, 1 The Canadian Road, Oakville, ON  L6J 5E4

Ford, which already helps commercial customers with so many facets of their work through our numerous pick-up trucks and van options, is now working to redefine success for those customers with Ford Pro – a global business and brand within Ford.

Photo: Ford Pro
Photo: Ford Pro

Ford Pro is dedicated to delivering products and services to commercial and government customers of all sizes to accelerate productivity, growth and sustainability.  Ford Pro integrates a digitally powered suite of software, charging, service and financing for work vehicles. 

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Ford Pro Charging – [email protected]    1-800-34-FLEET
Ford Pro Intelligence –               1-833-803-3673

Ford Pro™ is a productivity accelerator designed to drive business forward, delivering solutions to commercial customers of all sizes. We offer the right tools, software and services designed to keep your business on track and your crew on the road. Video: Ford Pro

The National Electrical Trade Council – NETCO


Location served: National

National headquarters: 1450 Meyerside Drive, Suite 300 Mississauga, ON L5T 2N5

The National Electrical Trade Council – NETCO holds the right to offer the EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) Training in Canada.

The EVITP program provides the most comprehensive training for the installation of EVSE equipment in North America today. More than a technical installation course, EVITP offers a full overview of the Electric Vehicle industry including an extensive section on Customer Relations & Customer Satisfaction.

Photo: NETCO

Developed in collaboration with industry, EVITP offers the perspective of Automakers, Utilities, EVSE equipment manufacturers and other key stakeholder associations. The EVITP collaborative understands the importance of the EV market being properly supported as it develops and expands. The electricians installing EVSE must understand the many aspects of the market today to adequately address customer questions, concerns and satisfaction.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
National Electrical Trade Council [email protected]

EVITP Certifications & Standards:

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) has rigorous instruction and training standards. Appropriate entry requirements, expert instruction, and a demanding exam ensure strong comprehension, performance, and consistent training results. To be eligible for EVITP, a participant must be a state licensed or certified electrician. If the participant works in a state that does not license or certify electricians, the participant must provide documentation of a minimum of 8,000 hours of hands-on electrical construction experience. Upon completing the course instruction, and passing the exam (combined 20 Hours), electricians may be confirmed as EVITP certified by utilizing the “Certification Check” button on the EVITP website homepage.

EVITP Course Overview:

  • EV prospect/customer relations and experience
  • Automobile manufacturer’s charging performance integrity specifications
  • EV battery types, specifications, and charging characteristics
  • Utility interconnect policies and requirements
  • Utility grid stress precautions including demand response integration technologies
  • Role of electrical storage devices as charging intermediaries
  • Installing, commissioning, and maintaining electric storage devices
  • Charging station fundamentals including brand/model-specific installation instructions for:
    • Level 1: 120 VAC 15 amps
    • Level 2: 120-240 VAC 60 amps
    • Level 3: 480 VAC 125 amps or 600 VDC 550 amps
  • Service-level assessments and upgrade implementation
  • Integration of electric vehicle infrastructure with distributed generation
  • Understanding Internet Protocol (IP) networking of charging stations
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) standards and requirements
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E and OSHA regulations
  • National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) for electric vehicle equipment
  • First responder safety and fire hazard measures
  • Next Generation Charging
  • EVSE Troubleshooting, Repair and Commissioning

Sailun Tire


Location served

National headquarters
1 Kenview Drive – Suite 300, Brampton, ON, L6T 5E6

ERANGE EV Tire Close-up Photo: Sailun Tires

When it comes to tires, the Sailun brand has continued to push the envelope of true value and affordable real-world performance for today’s drivers. We engineer, design, manufacture and support a full lineup of impressive winter, all-season, off-road and ultra high-performance tires in a wide range of popular sizes for countless cars, crossovers, pickup trucks and SUVs, plus a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.
Here at Sailun Tire, we believe in offering premium quality products, backed by industry leading tread life warranties to deliver the best value and performance. The goal is to continue making great tires that exceed expectations in quality at a surprisingly affordable price, representing a smart choice for consumers and an easy sell for retailers. The amazing growth of Sailun Tire has come in large part to an in-depth understanding the demands of consumers, our vertically integrated company structure and our strong commitment to adhere to our three core values of Quality, Trust and Support.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Derek Diette (Manager, National Sales, TBR) [email protected]
David Pulla (National Sales Manager, PLT) [email protected]
Jamie McIntyre (VP Sales, Canada) [email protected]

Introducing ERANGE EV. Video: Sailun Tires



Location served: National

National headquarters: 760 Ch. Marie Le Ber 819, Montreal (QC) H3E 1W6

MARCON-Miratech accompanies its clients through the entire cycle of fleet electrification. As we are not associated with any equipment vendor, we provide impartial advice through feasibility studies and duty cycle assessments. We typically include hands-on recommendations on how fleet can improve operational efficiency in moving to a new propulsion technology.

Electric trucks for IKEA deliveries in Quebec and British Columbia. Photo: MARCON-Miratech
Feasibility Study leading to eBus adoption in Edmonton. Photo: MARCON-Miratech

MARCON-Miratech has the capabilities and experience to accompany medium and heavy-duty fleet managers all the way to implementation by helping them choose both vehicles and charging systems that are best suited to their own operations. We have designed and custom-built portable units for special applications as well.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Pierre Ducharme, [email protected], (514) 817-8243

ABB E-mobility


Location served: Global

National headquarters: 800 Bd Hymus, Saint-Laurent, QC

ABB is a world leader in EV charging solutions and the partner of choice for the world’s biggest electric vehicle OEMs and nationwide EV charging network operators, having sold more than 840,000 electric vehicle chargers across more than 85 markets; over 40,000 DC fast chargers and 800,000 AC chargers.

Terra 360, charger coming soon to Canada. Photo: ABB
ABB is the official charging supplier for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Photo: ABB

ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

Contact Details

To discuss product and service options please reach out to any of the following contacts.
Matthew Bartolone [email protected]
Sami Ahmed [email protected]
Javier Landaeta [email protected]

At ABB, it’s our mission and purpose to power e-mobility forward. Whether you’re looking for an EV charging solution for home, electrifying your fleet depot, or high-power chargers for the highway stations of the future, we are ready to support you. Video: ABB