Website: 7Gen.com

Location served: Canada

National headquarters: 252 Esplanade W – Suite 201, North Vancouver, BC V7M 0E9

7Gen provides customizable fleet electrification solutions that include everything needed to confidently electrify medium and heavy duty fleets. This includes EV & Charger leasing, fleet assessment and transition planning, project implementation, full-service maintenance and a tailored EV software suite to optimize operational performance of the vehicles and chargers according to the use case.

Class 6 zero emission electric box trucks delivering IKEA products
Class 6 zero emission electric box trucks delivering IKEA products. Photo: 7Gen
eTransit delivering packaged around Montreal with Courant Plus
Ford eTransit delivering packages around Montreal with Courant Plus. Photo: 7Gen

Successfully deploying EVs at scale is complex, requiring the skillful integration of many different components. 7Gen’s solutions are designed to simplify EV transitions today, while planning for the future – so that clients can focus on their core business. 7Gen works with clients to design the optimal EV transition, lease the best suited electric vehicles and chargers based on current and future operations, manage the deployment from procurement to commissioning, and help optimize EVs with 24/7 support and smart software.

7Gen’s hands-on approach and modular services ensure their client’s fleet electrification goals become reality. Fleets working with 7Gen benefit from EVs lower costs of operations, enhanced driving experience and driver retention, while reducing the operational risk and internal capacity demands of the transition. 7Gen’s mission? Accelerate the revolution towards zero-emission transportation by taking the headache out of technology selection, financing and deployment for medium and heavy duty fleet managers.

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Simon Baribeau, [email protected], +1 514 702 2773