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BC Hydro introduced a fleet vehicle electrification program to help customers successfully integrate zero emission vehicles into their fleet. The program offer includes funding for an EV Ready Fleet Plan, a comprehensive roadmap for customers to transition their fleet to electric.

BC Hydro Fast Charger – South Surrey. Image: BC Hydro
BC Hydro W.A.C Bennett Dam. Image: BC Hydro

The EV Ready Fleet Plan maps out the costs and benefits, assesses the fleet vehicle inventory and electrical infrastructure, and outlines the steps required to get a customer’s facility ready for an electric fleet. The EV Ready Fleet Plan will identify the electrical infrastructure changes required to charge the electric vehicles that will be incorporated in the fleet. BC Hydro will then provide an electrical infrastructure incentive to fund up to 50% of costs to implement the electrical infrastructure upgrades outlined in the EV Ready fleet plan. BC Hydro also offers funding for temporary fleet evaluation pilot projects to help customers assess how medium and/or heavy duty EV’s can be incorporated into their fleet. This program offers custom funding for early-stage, short-duration electric fleet vehicle and charging opportunities.

With significant fuel savings and less maintenance costs, there’s a strong business case for transitioning to electric fleets. Plus, B.C.’s an advantageous environment for going electric, with reliable, clean, affordable electricity, and a relatively moderate climate that’s ideal for electric vehicle performance. In addition to the fleet electrification program offers, BC Hydro offers planning resources that include a fleet electrification guideline, electricity rates for fleet electrification, links to external funding sources, and an overview of the benefits to fleet electrification in British Columbia.

BC Hydro Ruskin Dam Photo: BC Hydro

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