The future of fleets is electric

The EV Fleets Pro course was designed to get you and your business EV-ready

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A roadmap to get you from A to EV.

Whether you’re worried about the volatile cost of gas and diesel, are looking to get your business on the road to zero emissions, or just want to upgrade your skills around electric vehicle fleets, now is the time. And it’s 100% free to sign up.

Learn from the experts

The top questions about fleets

How can I get an electric truck? The waitlists seem really long.

This course is for you if:

You’re a fleet owner, operator, logistics professional, procurement specialist, sustainability stakeholder or executive and want to understand how EVs can benefit both your business and the planet.

The bootcamp will be a great overview and opportunity to bring EV knowledge into the work you do. The course focusses on light- and medium-duty electric vehicles for commercial purposes, whether that’s for your team of delivery drivers, sales reps, project managers, technicians, executives or any other employee who uses a company car. While the course has been designed for Canadian commercial operators, American readers will still find loads of relevant information.

The principles apply to fleets of all sizes, whether you have one vehicle or one thousand.

The EV Fleets Course will teach you:

Everything you need to electrify your fleet, from understanding the range of an electric vehicle to how to install charging. You’ll walk away knowing how to assess if electric vehicles are the right fit for your fleet. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and avoid costly pitfalls. And it’s all based on first-hand experience from your peers who are operating electric cars, trucks and vans in both big cities and small communities – and on the roads in between.

You’ll also learn best practices from experts in the automotive, fleet management, charging, consulting and sustainability sectors who understand the economics and pressures of real-life operations.

Yes! This is a digital course that you can access any time.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to track your progress as you make your way through our learning modules. The EV Fleets Course is designed to be self-paced, meaning you can learn as much as you like at any time, then pick back up right where you left off.

We’ll also be hosting virtual ask-the-expert sessions and live learning seminars for those who have signed up for the program. Watch for these exclusive invitations to drop into your inbox throughout 2023.

The course is completely free!

There are no trial periods and no hidden fees. Electric Autonomy’s mission is to accelerate the transition to cleaner, safer and more affordable transportation. Our aim is to help as many fleets as possible make the switch to electric, zero-emissions vehicles where adopting the technology makes sense for their business.

The EV Fleets course is made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and our sponsors.

We recommend spending 20 to 30 minutes a day in the program.

We’ve built the EV Fleets Course in easy-to-digest articles and videos, filled with practical knowledge you can use right away. You complete the work at your own pace, on your own schedule.