Smarter EV charging, from energy management to AI

To efficiently fuel a fleet of electric vehicles, you’ll need software to manage the flow of electrons to your plugs. At the start, you may simply be looking to avoid costs from peak demand or to manage electrical loads on site. But smart charging can do so much more. This panel explains how to integrate telematics and dispatch software so you can add vehicle detection and state of charge, calculate the energy needs of specific routes, and even predict the unexpected. The result? Reduced costs, optimized onsite charging and consistency in meeting the needs of your operations.


  • Michelle Llambías Meunier, CEO at Propulsion Québec (Moderator)
  • Sylvain Cabanetos, Business Development Manager, at Cléo
  • Charlotte Argue, Senior Manager, Sustainable Mobility at Geotab

This panel session was recorded at the EV & Charging Expo on May 1, 2024, at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.