Reducing the risks of fleet electrification: When to bring in the experts

From handling complex processes to providing pricing certainty and offering solutions that work in the real world, the right expertise at the right time can make all the difference during the transition to electric fleet vehicles.

In this panel discussion, you’ll learn when and why to bring in technology partners throughout the fleet electrification process, and how reliable information and practical strategies help reduce risk at every stage of the transition.You’ll gain valuable insights around the software, hardware and operational guidance that ensures a smooth transition and enables you to run an electric fleet with lower risk around cost and technology.


  • Shayna Rector Bleeker, VP, Strategic Partnerships, 7Gen
  • Mark Marmer, Founder & Executive Director, Signature Electric
  • Jason Scultety, Sr. Key Account Manager, BC Hydro
  • Sophie de Vries Robbé, Strategic Growth Manager, 7Gen
  • Ilana Weitzman, VP of Strategic Development, Electric Autonomy (Moderator)

This panel discussion and Q&A was recorded on June 26, 2024, and was presented by 7Gen.