Delivering the future: Zero emissions last-mile fleets

About 75% of you will buy something online this year, which translates into 1.6 billion parcels delivered to Canadians each year, and 58 million packages per day in the US. How are innovative delivery companies tackling the emissions from this final mile? Listen to industry leaders share what they’re learning about real-life technology choices, costs and business cases, and how to operate and optimize to get their drivers in zero emission vehicles to bring goods to our stores, businesses and home.


  • Carolyn Kim, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at UPS
  • Chris Henry, Director – Fleet at Purolator
  • Gabriela Favaron, Director of EV Infrastructure at 7Gen
  • Robert Safrata, Owner & CEO at Novex Delivery Solutions

This panel session was recorded at the EV & Charging Expo on May 2, 2024, at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.