Meet the Fleet

This exclusive EV Fleets video series explores how and why fleets across Canada are electrifying their vehicle fleets.

Metro Supply Chain Delivers For Ikea

While developing our EV Fleets digital learning program we visited fleets across the country to learn how they’ve electrified their transportation. Metro Supply Chain, a logistics company that runs last-mile delivery for major retailers, partnered with IKEA to power up a pilot project on the island of Montreal.

Here the folks from Metro Supply Chain walk us through their experience, including their first winter on the road with their Lion Electric trucks, their daily walk-arounds and how the new fleet is attracting both drivers’ and customers’ attention.

Electric vans power Videotron’s technicians

There are a number of ways to set up charging infrastructure for your electric fleet. The video below provides an up-close look at how Videotron charged up their depot for a fleet of electric vans.

Videotron, a telecommunications company that is part of Quebecor, is using the site of an old newspaper plant to power its initial fleet of 80 Ford E-Transits (with more on the way). Videotron’s fleet and facilities managers walk us through how they set up more than 40 chargers on site to power the vehicles for their technicians in the Montreal area and the successes they’ve seen at the company’s fleet electrification “laboratory.”

Imperial Sign Corporation’s sustainability goals

Imperial Sign Corporation, a sign manufacturer in British Columbia, was driven by sustainability goals to bring Teslas onboard for their team of project managers. The company has been running an electrified fleet successfully since 2019, with chargers on-site at their manufacturing facility.

What’s more, they’ve seen significant upsides in cost savings and convenience as they look to meet their carbon-neutral goals. Result: it’s both easy and cost-advantageous to operate EVs in your fleet. Watch and learn!