But I have some vehicles that need to travel 800 km a day!

It’s true that most EVs travel 200 to 400 kilometres on a single charge. But you don’t have to electrify an entire fleet all at once. It’s important for fleet managers to find the vehicles that are best equipped to be replaced with EVs. 

Pinpoint the routes — like a last-mile delivery service or technicians who work in the city — where EVs are a good fit. Purolator, for example, expanded its zero-emission, last-mile delivery services in both Montreal and Toronto in 2020.

Image shows an electric step van from the back, with doors open revealing the cargo area.
Identify the vehicles in your fleet that can be replaced by EVs. This Ingersoll, Ont.-made BrightDrop Zevo 600 is designed for last-mile delivery duty. Photo: BrightDrop