3. Make use of government incentives to go electric

Incentives for purchasing zero-emission vehicles and installing charging infrastructure are available across Canada. However, as the market adoption of EVs increases, they may not be here forever — so now is the time to act. 

In the U.K., where electric passenger car sales increased by 186 per cent in 2020, incentives to purchase EVs have steadily declined until being stopped completely in June of 2022. That trend is not isolated to the U.K.: China has been cutting purchase support since 2018, and Quebec reduced its EV rebates by $1,000 for new vehicles in 2022. Currently, the federal government’s Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles offers rebates on a variety of vehicles including minivans and pickup trucks. New medium- and heavy-duty EV trucks are also eligible for federal rebates, along with provincial incentives in both B.C. and Quebec.